Gardner Community Action Team (GCAT)

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             The Gardner Community Action Team                    is a community coalition that coordinates substance use prevention efforts in the City of Gardner.

Our mission is to increase the health and wellness of the Gardner community by reducing youth substance use and enhancing its protective factors while reversing or reducing risk factors.

The Gardner Community Action Team (GCAT) is comprised of residents, business owners, public officials, city employees and stakeholders all of which come together to make up the city of Gardner.

These coalition members work closely with all of its community partners to coordinate, plan and implement activities and learning opportunities for the community as a whole. These activities and learning opportunities include, but are not limited to, multi-media marketing campaigns, community and school educational programs and events, town hall events, conferences and health fairs.

Programs offered by GCAT:

Training Active Bystander (TAB) – TAB is a way to analyze harm doing situation and assist participants in discovering the positive power of bystanders.

Game Changers - Resiliency skills building workshop for High School students 

Escape The Vape - Hands on interactive activity that teaches the students about harmful effects of vaping 

Guiding Good Choices –Guiding Good Choices (GGC) is a family competency training program for parents of children in middle school that gives parents the skills needed to reduce their children’s risk for using alcohol and other drugs