Zoning Update

Zoning Update Advisory Group

Since August of 2017, the City's Zoning Update Advisory Group has been working with a Consulting Firm, the BSC Group, to review and amend the City of Gardner Zoning Code. The Committee has met four times and has produced a draft to the City Council for review and consideration.  


  • Trevor Beauregard, Director Planning and Community Development
  • Jeffrey Legros, Conservation and Planning Agent
  • Roland Jean, Building Commissioner/ Zoning Enforcement Officer
  • Chris Coughlin, City Engineer
  • Allen Gross, Planning Board Chairman
  • Raymond Lafond, Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman
  • Ronald Cormier, City Council
  • Robert Hankinson, Citizen Representative
  • James Bellina, President and CEO GGCC, Business Representative
  • George Ouellet, Contractor/Developer

Zoning Code Revision

The reorganization includes adding and re-numbering of sections along with a number of minor grammatical and formatting edits.  The amendments include numerous individual additions, deletions, and re-wordings to update, improve and clarity the Zoning Code. A line-by-line comparison of the former Code to the proposed revision is not feasible due to the comprehensive re-organization and size of the document.  

Below is the draft revision for the Public's review.  Hard copies are available in the Department of Community Development and Planning.