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School Mission


VISION:  We will be the premier school of choice for our students and their families.


Gardner High School provides an enriched academic environment fostered through relevance, rigor and relationships and ensures that each student learns at a high level.  

  • In the classroom, we challenge all students in a supportive, positive environment that promotes scholarship and helps students develop the skills and characteristics to make them successful for their future.

  • On the field, stage, or court, we create fun, engaging opportunities for students to excel in athletics, the arts, and co-curricular groups.

  • We promote personal development and a sense of service to your community.


  • Community:  We work together to achieve for all in a culture steeped in tradition.
  • Appreciation:  We accept our roles, respect different perspectives, and acknowledge the good in others.
  • Responsibility:  We own our actions and honor our commitments by being prepared, involved community members.
  • Excellence: We do our best and take pride in all we do in our community.


  • Communicate
  • Critically Think and Problem Solve
  • Collaborate
  • Creatively Innovate


We believe that all students can learn at a high level with help and support if:

  • All students are told over and over again in meaningful and compelling ways that academic achievement demands the same kind of hard work that is required to become the best in other arenas--at baseball, basketball, playing video games, etc...

  • We know what excellent work looks like and what skills and competencies are needed for students to do excellent work, teaching the constitutive skills and competencies while providing examples of excellent work and careful guidance

  • We know where each student is academically and the skills, competencies and knowledge that are required for each one of them to access our challenging curriculum

MOTTO: Omnia Labor Vincit (Latin for “Work Conquers All”)

MAXIM: Good is not good enough


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