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School Vision



     I. Leadership

             An exemplary school requires effective leaders.

a. Pursue school’s vision on a daily basis.

b. Facilitate teacher participation in decision making process.


  II. Staff

At Waterford Street School the staff will work cooperatively with both the  students and their families.

a. Have high expectations for student achievement and accept responsibility to help  students meet those standards.
b. Collaborate with colleagues on all facets of school improvement initiatives.

III. Curriculum and Instruction 

We realize that the early school years are a time for children t0 discover how to learn and to build an inner excitement for continued success and    greater explorations.

a. Strive to be facilitators of the joy of learning while remembering the importance of child development principles.
b. The learning standards are guided by specific, clearly stated goals for each grade level. 


IV. School Climate

              Our school will establish clear guidelines for student behavior to provide a supportive
              and respectful environment that is emotionally and physically safe for young children.

a. Entire staff helps students understand the importance of school rules and values.

b. School rules are based upon fundamental principles that provide clear guidelines.

         V. Collaboration

        Waterford Street School will collaborate with the community to establish effective

a. Partnership in education is achieved by parents, students and teachers working toward the school’s commitment to lifelong learning.



VI. Students 

Students will participate with staff to reach their fullest potential striving to become responsible citizens.  With a positive self-image, students will serve as role models for one another.

a. Accept responsibilities for their learning and decisions.

b. Believe in themselves and take pride in their accomplishments.

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