Water & Sewer Concerns & COVID-19

The Water and Sewer Faculties are “Essential” and will continue to operate during this Covid-19 crisis. Veolia, the company operating the facilities, have taken steps to ensure no interruptions in service.

  • Compiling a list of all of our local licensed operators, in the event that we need to pull in resources from other locations.
  • Implemented a daily phone call with the Project Managers for current updates.
  • Contacted all of our critical suppliers (chemicals, labs, etc) to ensure that we will continue to have the materials that we need to run the plants.
  • All non-essential personnel (administrative assistants) will be allowed to work from home
  • Mandatory daily cleaning/disinfecting of all common areas
  • Postponement of all full plant meetings
  • Increase of cross-training for all permit required sampling
  • Contacts with outside labs in the event that on site lab staff is not available.

No outside entrance is allowed in the facilities to try and limit the exposure to employees.