Small Business Assistance Program

Small Business Assistance grants will be awarded to eligible, for-profit, small businesses. Eligible businesses are those whose owner or owners:

• are at least 18 years of age

• employ 50 or fewer employees, including the owner or owners OR are in the food service, entertainment, arts, or recreation industries employing 75 or fewer employees, including the owner or owners

• are located within Gardner and in current operation

• are a for-profit business providing goods or services to multiple clients or customers

• were established prior to October 1, 2019

• are in good standing with the State of Massachusetts and City of Gardner with respect to taxes through March 1, 2021, required licenses and registrations, and who are not a party to any litigation involving the state or municipality

• have experienced and be able to document a loss of income due to Covid equal or greater than the amount of financial assistance being requested or offered

Ineligible Businesses Include:

• Real Estate Rentals or Sales

• Liquor Sales

• Weapons or Firearm Sales

• Cannabis Sales

• Lobbying Activities

• Corporate Chains

Businesses who received the maximum $25,000 award from the Microenterprise Assistance Program are not eligible for this program. However, Businesses who received less than $25,000 and are eligible for the full amount may apply for the difference.

Eligible Expenses Are:

This grant reimburses eligible expenses paid between April 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021, up to $25,000, or $30,000 for extended closure, based on documented financial losses resulting from Covid-19

Rent/Mortgage (principal only)

• Utilities

• Electricity

• Business Phone and Internet

• Heat

• Water

• Sewer

• Garbage Collection

How to Apply

1) Read through the Program Guidelines                                   3) Gather supporting documents, including*:

2) Fill Out the following forms:                                                          • Proof of Payment for Eligible Expenses

         • Program Application                                                                         • 2019 Federal Business Tax Return

  • Duplication of Benefits Form                                                           • Business Certificate or License

  • Profit Loss Form for 2019                                                                • Lease or Mortgage Agreement

        • Profit Loss Form for 2020                                                  *Additional documentation may be requested

                             Profit Loss Form for 2021

Contact Economic Development Coordinator, Jessica DeRoy, by email and/or call 978-630-4074 x1 with any questions or to request a hard copy of the application packet.