Police Department

Gardner Police Department Mission Statement

“With Pride and Integrity”

It is the mission of the Gardner Police Department to first and foremost, protect all citizens who live or visit this community. The men and women of this department train year round, are well equipped, and are dedicated to “serve and protect.” Over twenty years ago we carefully chose to live and serve by the four words of our “motto” that was selected out of many carefully thought out mottos’, written proudly by one of our former officers, “With Pride and Integrity.” We serve with great pride in striving each day to protect all from harm from these endless angles of evil. Pride in providing the comfort and safety that each should come to enjoy in this community. We serve with pride in educating in the education of our community so they can live a safe, healthy, and secure life. With pride we train and educate ourselves daily in order to detect crimes, apprehend criminals, prosecute, and incarcerate offenders that jeopardize and bring harm to our community.

We serve each day with integrity. Integrity involves the “quality of being fair.” We train our police officers from day one of the police academy, and reinforce daily that our citizens deserve a fair, honest and professional police force. The law and police work allow for officers to use a great deal of judgement that is both fair and professional in resolving the issues within our community. We are committed to serving our community each and every day with professionalism, honestly, and fairness in every encounter. It is our mission to build and maintain strong partnerships within both residential and business communities in the City of Gardner.    

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