Animal Control

Gardner Animal Control Officers protect the rights of animal owners, non-owners and the interests of animals alike in the Gardner, Hubbardston, Ashburnham and Westminster area.


The Gardner Animal Control Officers are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe environment, which means the following:
  • For citizens, protection against animal disease or harm, uncontrolled pets and wildlife
  • For animals, conditions free of abuse

Education & Enforcement

  • Animal Control Officers educate citizens about animal safety and owners about responsible pet care, as well as the need for rabies vaccinations and licensing of pets in the Gardner, Hubbardston, Ashburnham and Westminster areas.
  • Animal Control Officers enforce the City of Gardner ordinances and Massachusetts General Laws concerning animals. 
Animal Control Department is now CASHLESS, we accept Debit, Credit, Check, or Money Order only!!!!! 

Informational Documents and Flyers

Impoundment of dogs running at large:
It shall be the duty of the Dog Officer to apprehend any dog found unrestrained and running at large and to impound such dog in a suitable place or to order the owner or keeper thereof to restrain said dog. 

If such dog so impounded has upon git the name and address of the owner thereof, or if the name of said owner is otherwise known, then the Dog Officer shall immediately notify the owner, and if the owner is not known, then no notice shall be necessary. The owner of any dog so impounded may reclaim such dog upon the payment of sum of $25 for the first and second such reclaiming, or the sum of $50 for the third and subsequent such reclaiming, and in all cases a fee of $15 per day for boarding for each day of impoundment; provided, however, that if the dog is not licenses, before release to any person, a license as required by the City of Gardner shall be secured. 
Surrender Fees
$40.00 Fee for surrendering a dog
$30.00 Fee for surrendering a cat