Supervisory Staff

Inside the administrations staff includes the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief, and three administration clerks that support the functions of the entire department. The Police Chief is in charge of overseeing the entire departments operations. The greatest responsibility calls for the Chief to ensure each and every division is operating to its full potential, ensuring the greatest quality of service to the community. The Chief uses a command staff of supervisors who remain in direct daily contact with regards to their areas of responsibilities, and report back to the Chief on any issues, or needs for the department.

The Chief also serves as the financial officer for the department, working daily within a budget that promotes the best quality of service to the community. The Chief must maintain the police headquarters, the patrol vehicle fleet, and personnel in a very complex manner that is acceptable to the Mayor, City Council, and most importantly, the residents of this community. The Chief is responsible for each officer and staff to be actively trained, equipped and engaged in order to serve the City.  The Police Chief also oversees day to day operations within the; Animal Control Officers (ACO), the Animal Shelter operations, and the Civil Defense unit, that offer a many more number of services to the city residents.

The administration staff supports the Chief and Deputy Chief in completing a multi-list of responsibilities that result from conducting police operations. This staff is responsible for overseeing grants, equipment purchases, issuing permits, licenses, requested documents for both courts, and the public. Clerks also have financial responsibilities for personnel payrolls, utility bills, and a number of other operating expenses within the department.