Dog Park at Pulaski's Playground

Located within the boundaries of Pulaski Park, the Gardner Dog Park is the newest community amenity within the City. The park is designed with three separate areas including a Large Dog area, a Small Dog area, and an Agility Area. Most of the park is natural grass with the exception being the Agility Area which is a bark mulch surface. Other features of the park include:

  • Double gates for entering the site.
  • Dog Waste Stations located at each entrance.
  • Water fountains
  • Benches
  • Agility Area includes a tube, walk ramp, and multiple grooming platforms


Pulaski Dog Park Rules

Open from Dawn to Dusk

All dogs must have current rabies and other vaccines as required by local law and wear visible dog license at all times.

Please control your dog at all times! Dogs should be under voice control when off leash. 

  • Aggressive behavior is not allowed and all dogs must be removed if aggressive to other dogs or humans.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in the Park.
  • Owners or custodians are responsible for all actions of their dogs.

Agility equipment is for dog use only.

  • Please do not climb on or allow children to climb on equipment.

All dogs must be leashed when preparing to leave the Park. Two dogs maximum per visitor allowed in the Park.

Please IMMEDIATELY clean up after your dog

  • Deposit all litter in trash receptacles provided.
  • All holes dug by dogs must be filled by the dog owner or custodian.

Not allowed in the Park

No unattended dogs.

  • All dogs must be supervised by persons at least 16 years of age.
  • Children under the age of 10 years old are not permitted in the fence areas for safety reasons.

NO sick dogs.

NO female dogs in heat. All unneutered male dogs must be closely supervised.

NO puppies under 4 months of age.

NO dog treats.

NO glass containers.

NO spike or dog collars.

Violators are subject to removal and/or exclusion from the Park.

Be Responsible & Enjoy the Park!

The park is made available in accordance with laws governing recreational use (M.G. L. Chapter 21 Section 17c.). The City of Gardner does not assume responsibility for injuries or damage to personal property.

Funded in part by the Stanton Foundation