Why am I getting a bill for trash - I never did before?
Starting in Fiscal Year 2008 (July 1, 2007-June 30, 2008) the trash program became an Enterprise operation, billed as a utility, like water and sewer. It is not tax supported. Questions about your trash bill can be directed to the Water and Sewer billing department 978-630-4015.

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1. Why am I getting a bill for trash - I never did before?
2. Why are there charges on my water bill for trash? Where’s the money going?
3. Why are the bags $3.50 - I can buy bags a lot cheaper than that? Where’s the money going?
4. Where do I get the yellow City of Gardner PAYT bags for my extra trash?
5. I got a sticker on my bag or toter and it wasn’t picked up- why?
6. When does curbside Yard Waste Pickup occur?
7. How much Yard Waste may I put out? How do I put it out?
8. Will Yard Waste mixed with trash be picked up?
9. Will Yard Waste in plastic bags, including City of Gardner yellow Pay As You Throw bags, be picked up?
10. How do I dispose of an Appliance, TVs, Tires, Car Batteries, Computers, Fluorescent Lights, Paint, Metal items or Lawnmowers?
11. Yard waste dates?