What’s this about a $200 per year charge for trash? Where’s the money going?
The City will be billing for curbside service $200 per apartment or household to pay for collection and trucking. A single family home will pay $200, a 2 family will pay $400, a 3 family will pay $600, and so on. The billing will be on the City Water, Sewer &Trash bill, and be sent quarterly- $50.00 per apartment or household in the building. This money pays for the cost of running the trucks and the labor to collect the trash at curbside. The toter cannot be overfilled- no trash or any part of a bag can extend beyond the top rim of your toter or it won’t be picked up. Each participating household has received a 48 gal trash toter and a 64 gal or 96 gal recycling toter. These toters are owned by the City of Gardner. Unlimited extra trash may be placed in yellow Gardner Pay As You Throw (PAYT) bags.

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1. Why am I getting a bill for trash - I never did before?
2. What’s this about a $200 per year charge for trash? Where’s the money going?
3. Why are the bags $3.50 - I can buy bags a lot cheaper than that? Where’s the money going?
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9. Will Yard Waste in plastic bags, including City of Gardner yellow Pay As You Throw bags, be picked up?
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