I got a sticker on my bag or toter and it wasn’t picked up- why?

As time allows, the contracted waste hauler or the Board of Health may inspect and sticker toters that are not compliant with City code.  If you have a sticker on your toter, it has a few words to explain it. REMEMBER: You are allowed 1 48 gallon toter of trash to be picked up each week. The toter cannot be overfilled- no trash or any part of a bag can extend beyond the top rim of your toter or it won’t be picked up. Trash must fit completely within your toter. The toters have an attached cover on hinges and you must close the cover to put it at curbside. If the cover will not close and there is trash above the rim of your toter, your trash may not be collected. Unlimited extra trash may be placed in yellow Gardner Pay As You Throw (PAYT) bags. Items refused for collection for violations of these rules must be brought back from the curb within 24 hours.

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5. I got a sticker on my bag or toter and it wasn’t picked up- why?
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