How do I obtain a License to Carry Firearms?
In 1998, Massachusetts changed Chapter 140 of the Massachusetts General Laws. If you have a pretty clean criminal record, no substance abuse history, no crime of violence history and are of sound mind, you may apply for a LTC. An applicant for a License to Carry must have completed a recognized safe handling of firearms course. A certificate will be issued to you from the certified course instructor. Once the course is completed, schedule an appointment by calling 978-632-5600 or stop by the lobby at Police Headquarters to make an appointment. On the day of your appointment, bring a completed copy of your application, $100 cash and your certificate of course completion. You will be fingerprinted and photographed, and if approved, your license will be ready in approximately 4 weeks. An FID card has similar requirements. All requirements and fees are posted in the lobby.License to Carry Application (PDF)

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