What can be recycled at the curbside?

All types of dry, uncontaminated, non-glossy paper, cardboard, plastic containers, rinsed
bottles and cans. Labels on bottles & cans do not have to be removed; neck rings on bottles do
not have to be removed. Food containers should be rinsed free of food & drink residue. Windows on envelopes and food boxes (pasta boxes for
example) do not have to be removed.  

Keep plastic bags out of household recycling. Maybe you’ve been putting your recyclables in plastic bags for years, but plastic bags, plastic wrap and other stretchable plastic cannot be recycled curbside. In fact, plastic bags are the #1 cause of ruined recyclables. Do not bag your recyclables, place them loose in your toter.  At the recycling sorting facility, plastic bags get caught in the machinery, causing work stoppage and worker injuries.  However, plastic bags and wrap are collected at many grocery stores. Next time you head to the supermarket, bring along your plastic bags and put them in their labeled recycling bin! 

Stick to the list and only place approved recyclable items in recycling bins or carts.  As a rule of thumb, remember: bottles, cans, jars, jugs, and paper. It’s easier than ever to get it right when you use the Smart Recycling Guide, which lists items accepted for recycling in every Massachusetts community.If it’s not on the list, check for separate drop-off locations by using our Recyclopedia app. Check out https://recyclesmartma.org/ for the most current recycling information!

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