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File:  BDBA





The chairperson shall preside at all meetings.  The chairperson shall be responsible for chairing each meeting in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order, Massachusetts General Law, and school committee protocol. 


Rules regarding Chairs Participation in Voting and/or Debate


The Chair has the right to vote when the vote is by ballot or when his vote would change the outcome.   The Chairs right to vote is an option.  He/she is not under obligation to exercise it in any case. 


The Chair cannot take part in debate or interrupt members who are not violating a rule.  Therefore, the Chairman must not comment on motions during the debate unless he/she first vacates in the Chair.  He/she should not return to the Chair until the main motion is completed. 


The Chairperson shall have authority to sign contracts and other instruments approved by the committee in its name and behalf, and shall have such powers and duties as the committee may from time to time determine.





Source:  Modern Edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order


[Revised: October 2003]

[Reviewed: April 2017]

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