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File:  BDBB




The vice-chairperson shall preside at all meetings whenever the chairperson is absent, or when requested to take the chair by the chairperson.  The vice-chairperson shall perform all the duties of the chairperson in the absence of the chairperson.


When the vice chairperson is elected, he/she shall solicit written interest from all school committee members relative to all non-elected subcommittees.  He/she shall then appoint, prior to the February meeting, members to the following subcommittees and Athletic Council:


1.       Facilities

2.       Policy

3.       Technology

4.       GEA Negotiations

5.       1717 Negotiations

6.       ESP Negotiations

7.       Coaches’ Negotiations

8.       Superintendent Evaluation

9.       Transportation


Additional subcommittees may be named on an ad hoc basis as required. School Committee members shall be appointed thereto by the Vice-Chairperson of the School Committee.


The Vice-Chairperson of the School Committee shall appoint the chairperson of each standing and ad hoc subcommittee.



[Source:  Current practice]


[Revised: October 2003]


[Revised: March 2008]



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