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File: BDEE

School Committee Policy Manual – Gardner Public Schools

The purpose of the Athletic Council is to act as a conduit between the Athletic department of Gardner and the School Committee. The council will hear concerns and needs from the coaches meetings based on the specific format set. The format is as follows: Current status and season status for games, Field and facility needs and concerns, practice schedule and needs, Game schedule and needs, Equipment and supply needs, Administrative process and suggested rule changes, waiver needs, players fees and the collection of them, fundraising, booster clubs, clinics and camps, community resources, and partnership development. Matters that need School Committee involvement or approval will be voted on in Athletic Council and brought by the Athletic Director to the proper sub-committee. The Athletic Council will work as a conduit from School Committee to the athletic program and coaches. The Athletic council will also advise the School Committee on matters related to athletics. The voting composition of the Athletic Council is the Athletic director, Superintendent of Schools or their representative, two school committee member appointed by the Vice-Chair of the school committee, the Gardner high school or middle school principal or their designee, two Gardner High School student representatives (one male, one female) elected by the students, two coaches (representing one male and one female sport) elected by the coaches, two alumni of Gardner High School (appointed by the Athletic Director). Each member will have an alternate representative. The school committee member and the student members will hold their seats for a one year term and the alumni members will hold their seats for a two year term. Care shall be taken in the selection of the members of the Athletic Council to ensure that it is in the best interest of the students and Gardner Athletics.
The Athletic council will meet three times per school year, once after each sports season (fall, winter, and spring) has ended. The council will review and discuss the accomplishments of each team and will plan for the next year’s season. Please see policy BDEE-R, Athletic Council Procedures, for details regarding other suggested topics of discussion.
[Adopted: May 2003]
[Revised: September 2009]
[Revised: September 2011]
[Revised: April 2015]

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