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File:  BGE





The superintendent is directed to establish and maintain an orderly plan for preserving and making accessible the policies adopted by the committee and the regulations needed to put them into effect.


Accessibility is to extend at least to all employees of the school system, to members of the committee, and, insofar as conveniently possible, to all persons in the community.

All policy manuals distributed to anyone will remain the property of the committee and will be considered as “on loan” to anyone, or any organization, in whose possession they might be at any time. They are subject to recall at any time deemed necessary for purposes of updating.


The school committee’s policy manual will be considered a public record and will be available for inspection at the superintendent’s office.



[Adopted: 3/8/99]


[Reviewed: January 2002]


[Revised: December 2011]


Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.

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