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Each newly elected member of the Gardner School Committee will be offered an orientation to insure that he/she can more quickly contribute effectively to the work of the full committee.  The orientation will help with understanding of roles and responsibility, policies and procedures, and the school district’s operations. 


It is the responsibility of the members of the school committee to make sure new members receive proper orientation.  Some of these duties are carried out by the school committee, while others are carried out by the superintendent or designated staff. 


1.        New School Committee members are provided with the following materials through the superintendent’s office.  These materials should be provided as soon as reasonable following an election and are coordinated between the superintendent’s office and the school committee.


§         Policy manual

§         Minutes from the past year

§         A Gardner Public Schools directory, listing members and administrators names, sub-committees and descriptions, general information on meetings, committee mission statement

§         Current school district budget

§         MA General Laws

§         Robert’s Rules of Order

§         Current School Committee Goals

§         Copies of School Handbooks for each school

§         Copy of Superintendent’s Goals and Superintendent Evaluation Form

§         Current State Compliance Audit Report

§         Current list of pending legal actions

§         NSBA – Becoming A Better Board Member

§         American School Board Journal

§         Any other materials which may be deemed helpful and informative


2.        The following materials are available in the superintendent’s office.


§         Contracts – GEA, ESP, 1717, coaches, superintendent

§         Job descriptions

§         Strategic Plan and Technology Plan


3.        New members are invited to meet with the superintendent and other staff to discuss services they perform for the committee.  Other staff may include:

§         Principals and/or Assistant Principals

§         Business Director

§         Pupil Personnel Services Director

§         Curriculum Director

§         Technology Director


4.        New members are encouraged toattend the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) “roles and responsibilities” workshop during their first year.


5.        Each new member is encouraged to contact building administrators for a tour the district’s buildings and classrooms. 



File: BIA-R




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