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DFG, Use of School Facilities and Equipment

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The primary purpose of the Gardner Public Schools facilities is to provide educational opportunities to the students of the community.  The School Committee realizes and appreciates that the facilities have been provided by, and are supported by local tax dollars.  Therefore, when the facilities are not being used for school sponsored activities, they may be made available for public use in accordance with the published regulations for governing the use of school facilities.  (See DFG-R.)


Students, school personnel, the Gardner Education Association, Local 1717, AFSCME, alumni groups, parent-teacher organizations, and other city organizations affiliated directly with the schools may use school grounds and buildings.


The following are not permitted at any time on school property: use of tobacco products, the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances.  Licenses for the use of school facilities shall not be issued to any group whose purpose is to advocate treason, insurrection or unlawful resistance to or the overthrow of any government of the United States; or which would in any way be in violation of any local, State or Federal law.


The School Committee reserves the right to approve, reject or revoke the use of school buildings by any group, if it is contrary to law, or if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the Gardner Public Schools.


[Source: MGL 71, Section 71]


[Adopted:  3/28/55]

[Revised: 11/80]

[Revised: 11/89]

[Revised: 3/97]

[Revised: 4/12/99]

[Revised: 6/14/99]

[Reviewed: 6/26/02]

[Revised May 2009]

[Revised: January 2013]           

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