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DKC, Expenses/Expenses Reimbursements



Personnel and School Department Officials who incur expenses in carrying out their authorized duties will be reimbursed by the School Department upon submission of a properly completed and approved claim for reimbursement. This claim will include the proper supporting documents as required by the Superintendent.

When official travel by a personally owned vehicle is authorized, payments for mileage will generally be made at the current IRSrate. A monthly travel stipend, however, in an amount established by the School Committee, will be paid to the Superintendent, Director of Curriculum, Director of Pupil Personnel, Business Administrator, and others as authorized by the School Committee who are required to travel regularly within the school system on official business.

The mileage payment will be equal to the current rate used by the Internal Revenue Service.

To the extent budgeted for such purposes in the school budget, approval of travel requests will be as follows:

  1. Travel expenses by School Committee members must have prior approval of the School Committee.
  2. The superintendent must approve any travel request from a member of the faculty or staff.
  3. Each request will be judged on the basis of its benefit to the school system.

File: DKC

[Adopted: 3/8/99]

[Revised: December 2002]



M.G.L. 40:5, 44:58


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