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ECABA, Staff and visitor ID



In order to promote a safer and more secure school environment for students, staff and lawful visitors, all staff shall clearly and conspicuously display a district issued photo ID card at all times during school hours, on school buses, and on school property. All visitors will upon entering any school building, report to the office and sign in. Visitors will be given an identification badge to display while on school property.

District issued photo ID badges must contain the following information:

Person’s picture

Person’s name

Person’s title


Staff members must conspicuously display a district issued photo ID badge:

When in a school building or on school grounds

While accompanying students as part of an off-grounds district activity

During any official activity as a representative of the school district


All visitors to the building during the school day will be issued a visitor badge to be displayed while in the building or during any activity.



[Adopted: April 2003]

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