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GBAA-R, Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

File:  GBAA-R





All persons associated with the Gardner Public schools including, but not necessarily limited to, the committee, the administration, the staff, and the student, are expected to conduct themselves at all times so as to provide an atmosphere free from sexual harassment. It is the policy of the Gardner Public Schools that sexual harassment of a student, teacher, employee, school official, or representative of the school department will not be tolerated.

Because the Gardner School Committee takes allegations of sexual harassment seriously, we will respond promptly to complaints of sexual harassment and where it is determined that such inappropriate conduct has occurred, we will act promptly to eliminate the conduct and impose such corrective action as is necessary, including disciplinary action where appropriate.

Sexual Harassment Complaint Officer

The Assistant Superintendentis the complaint officer for the Gardner Public Schools. He is vested with the authority and responsibility of processing all harassment complaints in accordance with the procedure outlined below. The Assistant Superintendent’s office is located 70 Waterford Street,Gardner, MA 01440, (978) 630-4076.



1.        Any member of the school community who believes that he or she has been subjected to sexual harassment will report the incident(s) to the complaint officer.  All complaints shall be investigated promptly and resolved as soon as possible.

2.      The complaint officer will then attempt to resolve the problem in an informal manner through the following process:

a.       The complaint officer will confer with the charging party in order to obtain a clear understanding of that party’s statement of the facts, and may interview any witnesses.

b.      The complaint officer will then attempt to meet with the charged party in order to obtain his or her response to the complaint.

c.       The complaint officer will hold as many meetings with the parties as is necessary.

d.      On the basis of the complaint officer’s perception of the situation he or she may: (1) attempt to resolve the matter informally through reconciliation. (2) report the incident and transfer the record to the superintendent or his/her designee, and so notify the parties (3) file a report with the superintendent or his/her designee that includes recommendations.

3.        After reviewing the record made by the complaint officer, the superintendent or his/her designee may attempt to gather more evidence necessary to decide the case, and thereafter impose any sanctions deemed appropriate.  The parties, to the extent possible, shall be informed of the disposition of the complaint.  All matters will remain confidential to the extent possible.


State and Federal Remedies.

  1. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), One Congress Street, 10th Floor, Boston, Ma  02114, 617-565-3200.
  2. The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) Boston Office: One Ashburton Place, Room 601, Boston, Ma  02108, 617-994-6000; Springfield Office: 424 Dwight Street, Room 220, Springfield, Ma  01103, 416-739-2145.


Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.



Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 151A, Section 25 (e) and Chapter 151B, Sections 1&4.



[Revised:  February 10, 1997]

[Revised:  April 12, 1999]

[Revised:  December 12, 2000]

[Reviewed: January 2003]

[Reviewed: November 2007]

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