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GCBA, Professional Staff Salary Schedules

File:  GCBA




Administrators andPrincipals


Salaries will be reviewed annually by the Finance Subcommittee. When a position becomes vacant and is being advertised, the appropriate subcommittee of the School Committee, with the advice of the Superintendent, will establish levels of compensation based on the circumstances, dynamics and requirements. 


Ongoingconsideration may be given to individuals for exceptional performance as a basis for establishing merit increases. 


Merit Incentives


The Gardner Public Schools permits the payment of merit incentives* under the following terms:


The Superintendent may agree to provide an additional merit incentive for employees with whom the Superintendent has an employment contract on the following conditions:


  • The employee and the Superintendent shall agree upon, or the Superintendent shall identify, a set of objectives including measurable outcomes for the employee on an annual basis.
  • The Superintendent may award a merit incentive to such an employee who has demonstrated exemplary performance with respect to the agreed upon or identified objectives and only after the Superintendent has completed a written performance evaluation for the employee.
  • Such merit incentive shall be paid on or before (the last day of the contract year) and shall not be added to the employee’s base pay for purposes of future salary increases.


It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to present evidence to the School Committee to support recommendations for merit increases. The determination as to whether and, if so, to what extent the employee has achieved the performance objectives in a given contract year, as well as the determination as to whether or not to grant such merit incentives and in what amount, shall be made unilaterally by the superintendent in his/her sole discretion based on the superintendent’s assessment of the employee’s performance up to the maximum merit incentive provided herein.


*As used in this policy “merit incentive” means a one-time payment in addition to contractual compensation given to award job performance.


[Adopted: June 8, 1998]

[Reviewed: January 2003]

[Revised: June 2010]


Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.



M.G.L. 71:40; 71:43




School Committee Policy Manual – Gardner Public Schools


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