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GCBB, Employment of Principals

File:  GCBB





Principals shall be employed by the Gardner Public Schools under individual contracts of employment.  Said contracts shall be submitted to the School Committee for their approval of all terms concerning compensation/benefits, prior to the presentation of a contract of employment to the principal.  The compensation/benefit levels, above referenced, may be exceeded only with the approval of the School Committee.


Contracts issued to principals will be up to three years in length, and may be reissued by the Superintendent at levels of compensation/benefits, determined by the School Committee, provided that the Superintendent may employ a principal under the terms and conditions of the previous contract of employment.


As a condition of employment, each principal must maintain current certification, adhere to the policies and goals of the School Committee and the directives of the Superintendent, and annually byApril 1 must submit, in conjunctionwith the school council, the educational goals and school improvement plan to the School Committee.



[Adopted: June 8, 1998]


[Revised: January 2003]


[Reviewed: April 2016]


Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.



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