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IGBE, Tiered Instruction

File:  IGBE





The Gardner Public Schools will assess the educational progress of its students on a regular basis. Students who do not meet classroom and grade level expectations in the fundamental skills will be identified by the teaching staff. Building administrators will provide required supports for students to improve their skill levels through school-day schedule adjustments, before and after school supports, and other educationally appropriate modifications they deem necessary.  Tiered instructional interventions will be planned and implemented for all students whose achievements fall in the lowest quartile of assessment.


** Tiered instruction refers to a system of providing safety nets and interventions for students to insure successful learning experiences for all students.  Tier 1 involves providing high quality, evidence based differentiated instruction to an inclusionary group of students.  Tier 2 involves providing specific interventions to small groups of students based on areas of identified learning needs.  Tier 3 involves intensive interventions for individual students based on areas of identified learning needs.







[Adopted: May 10, 1999]

[Revised: March 2003]

[Revised: April 2005]

[Revised:  April 8, 2013]





No Child Left Behind Act, 2002



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