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IGE, Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

File:  IGE






Curriculum guides are developed by the professional staff to provide continuous educational experiences for the district’s students. They provide teachers with what is expected to be learned by students in each grade and in each subject area.

The curriculum guides of the Gardner Public Schools are aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards. Subject areas without Curriculum Frameworks standards will develop curriculum guides consistent with the goals and objectives of the Gardner Public Schools.

The curriculum guides will be developed and updated using curriculum mapping software that follows a backward planning design. The “Big Ideas” of each course will be determined and placed on a year long calendar trajectory.  Each of these topics/units will be divided into lessons based on essential questions that should be able to be answered by the end of the lesson/unit.  Formative and summative assessments and instructional skills and knowledge will be identified.  Any resources needed for each lesson/unit will be included and linked.  Curriculum mapping software is web-based and will allow all district educators access to a variety of strategies and resources. Teachers and administrators must keep in mind that state accountability instruments (e.g., MCAS, competitive grants) are based on Learning Standards. Teachers are expected to follow the curriculum guides as closely as possible, making changes as needed.


File: IGE


[Adopted: May 10, 1999

[Revised: March 2003]

[Revised:  April 8, 2013]

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