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IJK, Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption

File:  IJK





The school committee recognizes that knowledge is changing and expanding and that it may be necessary to use various types of supplementary materials in addition to the basic and fundamental textbooks.


For the purpose of this policy, supplementary materials shall be defined as any instructional materials other than textbooks including, but not limited to, books, periodicals, newspapers, pictures, diagrams, maps, charts, slides, and suitable technological applications which relate directly to the adopted curriculum.


The School Committee believes that teachers and administrators should have a large role in selection and recommendation of supplementary materials.  Teachers are encouraged to use a wide range of learning aids, provided the expense incurred in purchasing these aids remains within the limits of the budget.



[Adopted: May 11, 1998]

[Reviewed: March 2003]

[Revised:  April 8, 2013]


Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.



603 CMR 26:05




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