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IJL-R, Library Materials Review and Removal

File:  IJL-R





The continuous review of integrated learning center (library) materials is necessary as a means of maintaining a useful and active collection.  As new materials are selected and added, some older materials are withdrawn.  The responsibility for determining which materials shall be withdrawn shall rest with the professional staff.


Among the other reasons for withdrawing an item shall be the following:


Curricular changes have rendered as superfluous materials (or multiple copies of materials) formerly used but no longer in demand.


Materials contain information that is no longer accurate or current.


Materials intended for recreational reading have become dated or unattractive and are no longer in demand.  Some books that are deemed standards or classics shall be retained even though they rarely circulate.


Materials have worn out, been damaged or physically deteriorated, and have lost utility, and/or appeal.


Materials have been superseded by newer items that present the same information but in superior format.



[Adopted: May 11, 1998]

[Reviewed: March 2003]

[Revised: October 2013]                     


Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.



603 CMR 26:05




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