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IJNDB, Acceptable Use Policy – Technology

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Our Commitment to Technology

Gardner Public Schools is committed to providing students, teachers, and staff with the technology and information literacy skills needed for learning and teaching in the 21st century. Our mission is to integrate technology into curriculum and instruction to promote student achievement and prepare students for success in today’s information society both locally and globally.

Gardner Public Schools provide students and employees access to technology including equipment, applications, network resources, and the Internet for educational and communication purposes. Educational purposes shall be defined as classroom activities promoting learning, career and professional development, and high-quality self-discovery and reflection activities. Communication purposes shall refer to the use of email transmissions, online learning systems, the Internet, and other electronic resources to communicate and collaborate amongst students, parents, employees, professionals, and the Gardner Public Schools community for educational reasons.

Gardner Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and productive educational environment. We maintain systems preventing inappropriate intrusions from the outside world through our Internet connections and a website Internet filter in compliance with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Teachers are responsible for monitoring student technology activities.  However, no system or filter is perfect and it is virtually impossible for any teacher to monitor every activity of every student in the classroom.  Therefore, each user of Gardner Public Schools’ technology resources is accountable for his/her own use and activity.

Access to the system/network is a privilege, not a right. The Superintendent or designee shall implement, monitor, and evaluate the use of the district's system/network for educational and communication purposes at any time. There is no right of privacy or confidentiality regarding files/documents created and stored on the district systems, or electronic communications sent internally or externally. Such files and communications are governed by the public records law and may be accessed, viewed, and/or deleted at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee at any time.


All users, parents and or legal guardians, shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all administrative regulations and procedures governing use of the system and shall agree in writing to comply with such regulations and procedures.


User responsibilities and acceptable use

  1. All users of Gardner Public Schools technology resources must sign the Technology Acceptable Use Agreement form prior to using schools technology resources.  Students and employees are required to sign the AUP under the following circumstances:
  • Upon first time enrollment/employment in the district
  • Change in policy occurs



  1. Users of Gardner Public Schools’ technology resources are responsible for their appropriate use in accordance with this Technology Acceptable Use Policy, school rules and codes of conduct as stated in school handbooks, and city, state, and federal laws.
  2. Students are obligated to abide by any guidelines set forth by teachers integrating technology resources in their classroom.
  3. Network accounts are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account. Sharing of passwords and network accounts are prohibited.
  4. Posting personal information on the Internet is prohibited for the safety of students and employees. Personal information includes but is not limited to passwords, full name, telephone number, address, parent/guardian information, school information.
  5. Users represent Gardner Public Schools when using the schools’ technology resources to participate in online communications and publishing to the Internet whether on or off school premises.
  6. Users will conduct themselves with a commitment to integrity and respect of others and oneself at all times when communicating online. Any form of online harassment including, but not limited to, sexual and other protected class harassment, bullying, and offensive language, is prohibited and may be subject to appropriate laws. Any knowledge of such activities should be reported to a teacher or administrator.
  7. Users are required to abide by the generally accepted rules of netiquette (network etiquette) when communicating online.
  8. Student pictures, educational works, and audio and video recordings may be published to the Internet to promote learning. Only first name and last initial may be published. Permission of the student and parent is required prior to publication.
  9. Accessing material that is obscene or advocates illegal acts, violence, or discrimination is prohibited. Unintentional access of such material should be reported to a teacher or administrator immediately to prevent a claim of intentional access.
  10. All resources should be properly cited to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism will be dealt with according to the student handbook guidelines.
  11. All copyright, privacy, and international laws are to be abided by at all times. Users should assume material is copyrighted unless explicitly stated.
  12. Forgery or pretending to be someone else is prohibited.
  13. Installing software is prohibited. Downloading of materials requires the permission of a teacher and/or an administrator.
  14. Vandalism of any type is prohibited and will result in disciplinary and possibly legal and/or financial charges. Vandalism includes but is not limited to damage, destruction, or theft of hardware, software, data, or intellectual property; disrupting network traffic; intentionally introducing viruses, gaining unauthorized access to network resources (hacking); or using the system for inappropriate or illegal purposes.
  15. Commercial use of technology resources is permissible only for the benefit of the Gardner Public Schools community. Use of technology resources for personal gain is prohibited.
  16. The school maintains the right to review any individual’s electronic documents and communications made using technology resources provided to ensure a safe, secure, and orderly educational environment.
  17. Any violations of the above responsibilities and acceptable uses are to be reported immediately to a teacher or administrator. Users uncertain of actions that may violate their responsibilities or acceptable use of technology resources are accountable for asking a teacher or administrator prior to performing the action(s) in question.


Failure to comply with the Technology Acceptable Use Policy may be subject to disciplinary action determined by the building principals and/or district administrators in accordance with the school handbook, educational policies, and this acceptable use policy. Noncompliance may result in the suspension or termination of a user’s technology privileges. Violations of local, state, or federal laws may also result in criminal prosecution. Gardner Public Schools will cooperate fully with officials in any investigation related to illegal activities conducted via the schools’ technology resources.

Limits of liability

Gardner Public Schools shall not be liable for users’ inappropriate use of technology resources, mistakes or negligence, violation of copyright restrictions, or costs incurred for any reason. Gardner Public Schools is not responsible for loss of data, exposure to inappropriate or inaccurate material found on the Internet or external networks, or accuracy or usability of any information found on external networks or the Internet.


[Adoption date: May 11, 1998]

[Revision date: June 23, 1999]

[Revised: June 2002]

[Revised: September 2009]

[Revised:  December 9, 2013 - Replaces IJNDB&IJNDB-R]

[Revised: November 2016]

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