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IJOAA, Field Trips/Not School Sponsored





Trip organizers must inform students and parents, in writing, that the trip is not sponsored by Gardner Public Schools, but that the School Committee will be notified that the trip is being organized.


The presence of a staff member does not, by itself, constitute school sponsorship.  There are many third party trip providers, especially for out of state and out of country trips, who will hire teachers to run their tours. It allows the trip provider easier access to potential customers and helps facilitate decision making by parents when the sponsor/chaperone is a trusted teacher.
Most districts have policies requiring School Committee approval of out of state trips. If the school committee votes approval and the district disseminates information and collects funds then it would be a school sponsored trip. However, if no permission is sought, if a notice is posted about a trip to France and the school allows the facilities to be used after school hours for informational meetings and the vendor collects the funds directly then the school is not a sponsor.



[Adopted: March 2001]

[Revised: September 2003]

[Reviewed:  August 2013]

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