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IJOC-R, School Volunteers Procedures

File:  IJOC-R




The school committee encourages volunteers in the schools. Parents, business representatives, senior citizens, and other community volunteers are recognized as important sources of support and expertise to enhance the instructional program and vital communication links with the community.


Use of Volunteers


Volunteer work will include, but not be limited to, duties such as reading to students, individualized student/parent tutorial services, categorizing library books and materials, painting projects and/or assisting with coaching responsibilities.


Authorizing a volunteer to perform certain duties is viewed as a supplement to school services. Professional and non-professional staff will never be removed from service or laid off as a result of volunteer use.


Authorization Procedures


  1. The specific duties of the volunteer will be established in writing either by the individual building principal (building level) or by central administration (district level).
  2. Volunteers are considered extensions of the staff, and will conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  3. Each volunteer will be assigned to a specified staff member, as cited in the written duties.
  4. Records on volunteer use will be kept by the building administrators, and forwarded to central office each year.
  5. Volunteers must complete the application process and CORI review every three years.  No volunteers will be permitted to work until the application process and accompanying approvals have been completed.
  6. Removal of a volunteer may be effected upon recommendation of the school administrator to the superintendent of schools.


[Adopted: April 2003]

[Revised: June 2007]

[Reviewed:  August, 2013]





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