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JH, Student Absences and Excuses



Regular and punctual school attendance is essential for success in school. The committee does recognize that parents of children attending our schools have special rights as well as responsibilities, one of which is to ensure that their children attend school regularly, in accordance with state law.

Therefore, students may be excused temporarily from school attendance for the following reasons:

1. Illness or quarantine.
2. Bereavement or serious illness in family.
3. Observance of major religious holidays.

A child may also be excused for other exceptional reasons with approval of the school administrator.

A student’s understanding of the importance of day-to-day schoolwork is an important factor in the shaping of his/her academic success.  Parents can help their children by refusing to allow them to miss school needlessly.

Accordingly, parents will provide a written explanation for the absence and tardiness of a child.  This will be required in advance for types of justifiable absences where advance notice is possible.

In instances of chronic or irregular absence reportedly due to illness, the school administration may request a physician’s statement certifying such absences to be justifiable.

Any student in the Gardner Public Schools who is absent five consecutive days, due to illness, will be required to present a physician’s statement to the school nurse upon return to school.

[Adopted: June 8, 1998]
[Revised: October 2000]
[Revised: April 2003]
[Revised January 2014]
Source:  Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.
LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 76:1; 76:16; 76:20

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