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JIBA, Student Representative to the Gardner School Committee

File: JIBA


A Student Representative shall serve on the Gardner School Committee according to the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws (Chapter 71:38M).

The Student Representative shall be a full-time student at Gardner High School during his/her term of service and shall be a resident of the City of Gardner.

The following guidelines shall apply to the functioning of the Student Representative on the

Gardner School Committee:

  • He/she shall serve “ex officio” with full participation in School Committee deliberations but shall abstain from all voting.
  • He/she may give input on matters before the Committee that affect the student experience in the District, whether academic or extracurricular. Such input shall be given during Committee deliberations prior to the taking of any official vote.
  • He/she shall bring forward pertinent matters of concern from the student body or its committees. These matters should be those over which the Gardner School Committee has some jurisdiction or can provide direction to the Administration.
  • He/she may provide a report for the Gardner School Committee at its regular meeting, sharing student concerns at that time and giving brief announcements regarding student accomplishments at Gardner High School. A place on the meeting agenda will be reserved routinely for this report.  The student representative will provide the report in advance of the meeting.
  • Prior to the meeting of the Gardner School Committee, he/she shall receive a copy of the agenda and all attachments (confidential material excluded).
  • He/she shall not be present during executive sessions of the Gardner School Committee, unless such right is expressly granted by the School Committee.
  • He/she shall not be appointed to any subcommittees, whether standing or “ad hock,” of the Gardner School Committee, but participation is encouraged should the student desire.
  • He/she shall serve for a term of one year but may be reelected for an additional term or terms.
  • The election of the Student Representative and alternate shall be held in the spring prior to the beginning of the new academic year.

[Adopted: September 2009]
[Revised:  February 2015]

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