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JICA, Student Dress Code




School officials shall not abridge the rights of students as to personal dress and appearance except if such officials determine that such personal dress and appearance violate reasonable standards of health, safety and cleanliness.


Student dress will comply with requirements for health and safety, will not be destructive to school property, and will not interfere with the educational process. The administration is authorized to take action in instances where individual dress does not meet the stated requirements in the respective school handbooks.


Student, faculty, or parent groups may recommend appropriate dress for school on special occasions. A student will not be prevented from attending school or a school function, or otherwise be discriminated against, so long as his or her dress and appearance meet the requirements set forth above.



[Adopted: June 8, 1998]

[Revised: May 2003]

[Revised: December 2006]

[Reviewed:  February 2014]



MGL Ch. 71, Section 83


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