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JICH-R, Substance Abuse Policy Violations and Procedures



The use, possession, sale, or distribution of a drug in school, on school grounds, at school-sanctioned activities, or on buses, is subject to penalties as prescribed by state and federal laws, including those covered by the Drug-Free Zones Act.  School personnel who suspect a violation must immediately notify the school administration.

Students who suspect such violations can contact any school employee.  It is then the obligation of the school employee to immediately refer the information to the school administration.

When the administration has sufficient information to suspect that a probable violation has occurred, the student will be expected to cooperate fully.  The school nurse, police or administrative designee may be called upon to evaluate the behavior and condition, if necessary.

The administration reserves the right to inspect a student's belongings, lockers, and vehicles on school property.

Substance abuse offense

1.       The Student will be suspended pending an expulsion hearing.

2.       The administrator will have a meeting with the student involved.

3.       The principal shall notify the parent/guardian and require an immediate conference.  Parents will be informed as to the school's procedures for an expulsion hearing.

4.       The police will be notified and contraband turned over to the police.

5.       The student will be given an out of school suspension until an expulsion hearing before the school administration. During that time he or she will be responsible for all class work.

6.       An immediate referral may be made for further assessment and recommendations. Options could include any or all of the following:

  • A formal evaluation by a certified professional
  • Treatment in an outpatient or inpatient program.
  • Student/parent meeting with the administration.
  • Student and or parent support group.
  • Assignment of a support person.
  • Court action, such as a CHINS petition.
  • Community service.

Any expenses incurred will be the obligation of the parent or guardian.


Sales and/or Distribution (Definition: Prescription or non-prescription medication and other controlled substances)

A student will be considered selling a drug if he/she is found: (a) to be selling or distributing and actual or purported drug or alcoholic beverage or drug paraphernalia, or (b) with a quantity of a drug, alcoholic beverage or drug paraphernalia beyond that which is reasonably expected for such student's own immediate use.


The Gardner Public School recognizes that the sale of a controlled substance is a felony and will treat such offenses very seriously.


1.       The school administrator is notified.


2.       The administrator will immediately investigate the situation and then call the superintendent and police department within the same day.


3.       The parents are notified, and the student is removed from school property.


4.       The student will be externally suspended until there is an expulsion hearing.


Co-curricular Codes

Students may be subject to additional codes or consequences for participation in co-curricular activities as regulated by the Mass. Interscholastic Athletic Association.


Students With Disabilities


The Special Education administration or Section 504 Coordinator will be notified in the event the substance abuse policy is violated by a student with a disability.  Applicable state and federal laws and regulations will be followed in all incidents involving students with disabilities.


In all instances, Massachusetts General Laws will be followed.



[Adopted: June 8, 1998]

[Revised: August, 2000]

[Reviewed: May 2003]

[Revised: November 2006]



JKD, Student Suspension/Expulsion

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