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JLCA-E, Position Description School Physician




The Gardner School Committee develops a contract with the school physician/physician consultant, which includes the employment terms, as well as the specific responsibilities.  This contract shall be reviewed and/or updated at least every two years.


Scope of Responsibilities


The school physician/physician consultant contracts with the Gardner Public Schools to provide medical expertise and consultation in the development and implementation of the comprehensive school health program.  The school nurse may request consultation on individual students or groups of students with specific health issues at any time.  The school physician acts as a resource.




  • Must have a valid license to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (M.G.L. c.71, s. 53)
  • Knowledgeable about the health needs of children and adolescents.


Additional Suggested Qualifications


The school physician/physician consultant should, in addition, be board certified or board eligible in pediatrics or family practice.  When the primary student population includes adolescents, the medical consultant or school physician should have additional education in the subspecialty of adolescent medicine.




Consultation to the Comprehensive School Health Program


  • Provides general consultation to school nurse and to the school district on matters relating to he health of the school population;
  • Collaborates with the school nurses in identifying the need for and developing policies and procedures governing school health services for individuals or groups of students, which are then shared with the School Committee for adoption;
  • Participates as a member of the School Health Advisory Committee;
  • Provides consultation on the development of policies pertinent to the health and safety of the school, e.g., emergency care plan, first aid program, bee sting protocol, HIV/AIDS, environmental safety, athletic safety;
  • Collaborates with the school nurse, school administrators and other pertinent school personnel, as well as the Department of Public Health, to develop and implement a program for immunization against communicable diseases and control of other infectious illnesses, e.g., bloodborne illnesses, parasitic diseases, and tuberculosis; assists in developing policies on exclusion and readmission of students based on the aforementioned conditions;
  • Collaborates with the interdisciplinary comprehensive school health education staff to develop educational programs specific to the current needs of student, faculty and parent groups on topics such as nutrition, child development, family life, sexuality, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc.;
  • Collaborates with the school nurses, teachers, support staff, and parents on specific health issues of individual students as they relate to the school setting, including classroom management of the child with physical or emotional problems;
  • When indicated or requested by the school nurse, communicates with the child’s primary physician on medical issues pertinent to the school setting;
  • When indicated or requested by the school nurse, reviews the reports of physical examinations performed by the student’s primary care provider.


Physical Assessment


  • Completes the health assessments on such children who do not have this service performed by a primary care provider;
  • Provides the physical examination of children applying for health certificates in order to obtain employment permits under M.G.L. c. 149, s. 87 and students participating in competitive or contact sports, prior to that participation (for students who do not have this service performed by a primary care provider);
  • Examines students referred by the school nurse or other personnel because of health issues identified during screening and/or frequent school absences (if this service is not provided by a primary care provider);
  • Conducts physical examinations on children as needed for special education assessment.


Health Education


In collaboration with the comprehensive health education staff, assists in presenting educational programs as needed by faculty, parents and students.


Availability at Interscholastic Football Games


M.G.L. c. 71, s. 54A requires assignment of a physician or a person trained in emergency medical care to interscholastic football games played by teams representing public secondary schools.


Coordination with Community Providers


In collaboration with the school nurse, interprets the needs and responsibilities of the school.


[Adopted: June 2003]


[Reviewed: April 2016]


Legal References: M.G.L. Ch. 71, Section 53; Ch. 71, Section 54A

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