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JLCA, Physical Examinations of Students



Every student shall be screened in accordance with MGL 71 for vision, hearing, postural, and body mass index (BMI).  Parents will be informed of abnormal screening results.  Also, a record of the results shall be kept by the school nurse.

Every student shall provide evidence of a general physical examination four times: upon entering school, upon admittance to the fourth, seventh and tenth grades. The results of examinations shall be a basis for determining what corrective measures or modifications of school activities, if any, should be recommended. A record of all examinations and recommendations shall be kept by the school nurse.

Every candidate for a school athletic team shall present the signed consent form from a parent or guardian and a physical examination form signed by a physician in order to participate on a team. The physical must be current, within 12 mos., at all times when a student is participating in school sports. All students should have a physical examination completed by their own Primary Care Physician. When a student does not have a Primary Care Physician, attempts will be made to link them to one.  In special circumstances, the school physician shall conduct a physical examination on athletes with documented consent from the parent. The physical exam form, stating the fitness of the student to participate in athletics, signed by a physician, shall be sent to the school nurse. The school physician shall make a prompt examination of all children referred to him by the school nurse. The School Physician shall examine school employees when, in their opinion, the protection of the student’s health may require it. Except in an emergency, the school physician shall not prescribe for, or treat, any student.

Whenever the school nurse finds a child suffering from any disease or medical problem, the situation shall be reported to the parent or guardian in writing or by personal conversation if remedial treatment is recommended. A copy of the report shall be filed at the school nurse’s office.

The school nurse shall make a monthly report available to the superintendent of the number of students examined; the number sent home sick; and the number recommended for treatment.  In cases of exclusion or recommendations for treatment, reasons and referrals shall be documented in the student’s health record.

[Adopted: 12/98]
[Revised: March 2001]
[Revised: June 2001]
[Revised: September 2003]
[Revised June 2015]

LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 71:53, 54, 56, 57
CROSS REF.: JF, School Admissions

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