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KHC, Distribution of Notices by Students

File: KHC


The Gardner School Committee shall permit the distribution, via the students, of non-profit public service notices originating outside the school system.

1. School handbooks that are provided to students and their families should explicitly state that any literature disseminated by an outside group in the school is not school-sponsored or endorsed.
2. Posters and flyers regarding outside groups may be posted in common areas and in classrooms. School notices should not be intermingled with such posters and flyers.
3. An outside group’s literature may be distributed to students during instructional time and, if possible, should not be intermingled with official school notices.
4. Students should not be compelled to take home or read any such literature.
5. As part of the school committee’s policy on literature distribution, outside groups will be requested to provide their own disclaimer on their literature stating that the organization has no affiliation with the Gardner Public Schools.
6. School newsletters and school notices to parents may not publicize outside groups or recruit new members for such groups.
7. All notices for distribution shall be approved by the Superintendent.

[Adopted: April 2001]
[Reviewed: September 2003]
[Revised: April 2015]

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