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Vision Statement


feel welcomed, safe, and included in our community;

● Adults will personally welcome each child as they enter the school and each classroom.
● The layout of the school and each classroom will be inviting and conducive to learning.
● Students will learn social/emotional skills through direct instruction, supports, and institutional practices.
● Disciplinary practices are restorative rather than punitive--repairing relationships.
● Schools will actively engage families in the education of their children and community.

have adults consistently interact in ways that foster positive, supportive relationships;

● School expectations, practices, and rules will be informed by the chronological and actual developmental levels of the children we serve.
● Adult responses to children’s behaviors will be empathetic and caring, considering their comprehensive knowledge of the child’s development and any possible trauma or stressors.
● The school will work proactively and collaboratively with families to support the whole child.

and be engaged in relevant, academically rigorous instruction, informed by data.

● Each lesson will incorporate rigorous student tasks that engage all learners, provoke higher-order thinking, monitor each student’s progress, and provide feedback to students for improvement.
● The schools will monitor and adapt their instruction to ensure students learn the skills and knowledge to prepare them for their own future.

Community Appreciation Responsibility Excellence

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