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Gardner Food Truck Festival - Food Establishment Application - Temporary

  1. Gardner Food Truck Festival - Registration for Food Establishment (Temporary)
  2. Who will be in charge of the operation at the event?
  3. Do you or your establishment currently possess an annual food license from the Gardner Board of Health?*
  4. By checking the box below, I agree that food thermometers will be used at the event*
  5. Letterhead, commissary letter, contract, etc.
  6. I hereby certify, under the penalties of perjury, that the information I provided in the above section is correct to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I also certify that by typing my name into the above field, that I am electronically affixing my signature to the document.

    By signing this section, I agree that I will use food thermometers at the event. I agree to abide to the State Sanitary Code Requirement Checklist from the link above.

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