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Road Opening Permit

  1. Road Opening Permit (April 15-November 15)
    A Road Opening Permit is required if working on City Property. 24 Hour notice must be given to Inspector.
  2. Fee
    $100.00 (Trench permit fee is included)
  3. Company Info:
  4. Project Info:
  5. A Road Opening Permit is required if working on City Property/Street/Sidewalks*
  6. Contractor who will be doing project must have a cash security with the City of Gardner*
  7. Contractor must notify DPW for inspection within 24 hours after completion of trench resurfacing*
  8. Contractor is responsible for all trench repairs for two (2) years from last date of permit.*
  9. Trenches in Pavement must be saw-cut prior to excavation. All trenches will be blacktop within twenty-four (24) Hours of excavation. If trench found to be deficient, contractor will be notified by the DPW. Contractor will have 10 calendar days from the time of notification to make repairs. If repairs are not made in this time period, trench will be repaired and paid with cash security funds. Cash Security must be at full capacity prior to issuance of a Road Opening Permit.*
  10. The undersigned has read and understands the City of Gardner’s City Specifications, Ordinances, and Regulations and agrees to abide by them. This permit is not transferable.
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